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Woman's Back® launches an alliance with the Hospital de Sant Pau

Woman'sBack® launches an alliance with the Hospital de Sant Pau

Hello! Today I have to tell you spectacular news: we have just signed a collaboration agreement with the Hospital de Santa Pau in Barcelona. We wanted to validate our design with a reference center in breast cancer and lymphedema and thanks to this collaboration we have been able to test the backpacks with some of their patients. The truth is that it has been very exciting to see how some patients tested our backpacks during Nordic walking classes in the company of hospital physiotherapists. Thanks to them and their suggestions we have been able to make the last adjustments to the fastening straps of the backpack so that they are as comfortable as possible. Thank you very much to all who have participated with your enthusiasm and energy! We are very happy because this collaboration with Sant Pau will allow us to publicize the backpack among many more women who will be able to resume their active and autonomous life in the outdoor world and, in addition, also implies our commitment to donate part of the benefits that are generated to lymphedema research in this leading center. So we are very grateful for this new collaboration opportunity with an international reference center. I also wanted to remind you that next May 4th the "Entre nosaltres" conference will be held for breast cancer patients in this hospital. Do not hesitate to participate in this free day with very interesting workshops for all of us.

And I would not like to end without mentioning the benefits of Nordic walking In Sant Pau we have learned to practice it correctly so that it helps us improve or prevent lymphedema in the arm. So, from here, we also encourage you to practice it as much as possible. Surely near you there is some association or group of people that is dedicated to it. The most important thing I can tell you is that as soon as you try it you will not be able to stop! And remember that the latest medical studies recommend moderate to intense exercise twice a week to prevent breast cancer as well as possible relapses. For our part, Woman'sBack® will be next May 12 in the 4th edition of the Walkim Barcelona. Do not miss it and if you want to try our backpacks, come to our stand and try all you want. We would love to meet you!

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