Welcome to Woman'sBack®! 🙋🏽

Woman'sBackⓇ crosses borders! Will you help us?

We are very happy, and that is that these last months, Woman'sBackⓇ is crossing borders. We have been in the media in Germany and Switzerland, and there are women there who already have their backpacks. Woman'sBackⓇ has been very well received by women who have been through breast cancer in all the countries where we are presenting our backpacks. Never before has there been a backpack adapted to us and providing this solution to many women makes us very happy.

After confinement, it is important to resume outdoor activity to get back in shape and activate our body and mind. With Woman'sBackⓇ we are helping many women to be themselves again and to feel free and strong.

Woman'sBackⓇ is the perfect complement to go for a walk outdoors, to go for a walk in the mountains, to go for a walk with your friends and family, and in short, to have a good time enjoying nature, something we have missed a lot these last months. Now is the time to take advantage. We also want to inform you that we are taking longer than usual to process our orders, as we are also returning to "normality" little by little. We apologize in advance.

If you want to help us make ourselves known, send the link to our website to your friends and invite them to spread the word about this project that wants to improve the lives of women with breast cancer. Our goal now is to reach as many women as possible. No woman can be left without her Woman'sBackⓇ, if she needs it!