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Woman's Back® wins the "Birchbox and Extraordinary" award and the Elevation Award

Hi! Today we have to tell you that we have won two very important awards for us: the "Birchbox and Extraordinary" prize and the Elevation Award.

The 'Birchbox and Extraordinary' Awards seek to foster and consolidate new creative and innovative projects led for women and, this year, we were competing with other incredible initiatives. Birchbox was created in 2010 by two women entrepreneurs who believed in their project. Aligned with its beginnings, the subscription beauty ecommerce company launched this award, hand in hand with Extraordinary, to encourage and help consolidate new creative, innovative, social impact projects led by a woman. Among the jury of these awards we find Gemma Fillol, founder of the Extraordinary platform; the director of Cosmopolitan magazine, Cecilia Múzquiz, or the general director of Birchbox, Álex Vallbona.

But Woman'sBack has also received the award given every year by the magazine of mountain slope in the category Gold and Products for Women. After three months of analysis and demanding field tests, the jury issued its verdict and highlighted Woman'sBack with the Gold Award along with 10 other products. A total of 260 products were reviewed and classified into 34 categories depending on their usefulness (from First layer, Down jackets, Trekking shoes, Shops, Ropes, Cat feet, mountain ski equipment, etc.). After ruling out approximately 70 candidates who did not meet the requirements, the rest entered the second phase of field tests, that has lasted for some three months in scenarios as varied as the Pyrenees, the Sierra de Guadarrama, the mountains of Galicia, the Alps or even the mountains of the Caucasus.

It is, for us, a great honor to be able to share these important recognitions that give us many encouragements to move forward with our or project We want to hear from your experiences with the Woman'sBack backpack. Send us your Woman'sBack story!