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Enhance mind care after cancer treatment

Are you taking care of your mind? On many occasions we have talked about the benefits of sport for people who have suffered from breast cancer but today we want to show the benefits that < / span> this has also for your mind .

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Perhaps some of you have noticed some cognitive impairment after cancer treatment. More and more research is being done on this subject but we already know that physical exercise helps us maintain a healthy and active mind. Do you know that some doctors recommend walking backwards in the face of cognitive impairment? Dr. Solá, from the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, explains to her patients how this practice can tone their cognitive ability and reflexes.

When we start doing physical activity, be running , riding a bike, swimming or any other, our muscles begin to contract and relax and send a series of chemicals to the brain, including a protein called IGF-1. The brain bro interprets and sto as a moment of stress, as if we were fighting with some enemy or trying to flee from some danger. In response, it releases chemicals that protect nerve cells from damage, drive them to grow, multiply se and to strengthen r connections between neurons.

Among all those substances, the More important is the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF is essential during the formation of the nervous system because it promotes the plastic capacity of the brain. When doing sports, BDNF levels increase and the more BDNF, the greater the brain's ability to learn.

If you practice sport regularly , you will be producing endorphins, reducing your stress, improving your self-esteem, relieving anxiety, improving your memory and cognitive ability. See for yourself, don't you feel your mind clearer after exercising?

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