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Why is Woman’s Back® a different backpack?

Woman'sBack® has a very special feature, it is a backpack for women who have overcome breast cancer.

In recent days, we have gone to many media that have given us impact and have given us made a little more visible in the market. Being an emerging company is never easy and the help of others is always good to give you visibility.

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Last week, we held an important meeting to we and speaking realized that really, breast cancer is very visible throughout society and people are aware of it, but instead the post treatment is a little normalized situation and often not very visible.

That is why we are encouraged to promote the Woman'sBack® project, as it is a tool for physical, but also emotional, help. Woman’s Back® is the proof that after treatment life has to be as normal as possible. I say "have" why each case is a world and sometimes the situations are very different. But to the extent possible.

Woman’sBack® is a different backpack, since with just one modification, made in Barcelona, ​​we can offer a solution to the problem of lymphedema on the arm. What we have done, has been to develop a closure system for a normal backpack, which with only three steps, allows you to carry weight and free the intervened area from any pressure. The adaptation of the system is done by hand in Barcelona by a woman from the company, Merche. Our backpacks are customized and adapted for each woman, since it depends on where it has been intervened, a modification is made to the right or left side. The backpacks we use are the Alpina, our own and Catalan brand, and Montane, an English brand, with whom we have reached an agreement to apply the system since from the beginning it saw a lot of potential in the project.

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All this time we have been open and functioning, we have received many messages from women who have reconfirmed that what we do every day makes sense. This project would not have been the same without all of you. Can you help us spread the word about why Woman’sBack® is a different backpack?