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Why is research important for breast cancer?

Breast cancer affects more than 32,800 every year in Spain and 1 in 8 women will develop it throughout their lives. But, thanks to research and improvement in treatments, has managed to pass 5-year survival from 70% to 80% . We can only say: Thank you to all the people who have made it possible!

But, research is never enough. We all know that, despite the important advances, there are still challenges to improve our survival, prognosis and quality of life. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the following topics are currently being investigated. When you read them, you will see that they all have a lot to do with you.

  • Know the causes of breast cancer as endocrine disruptors (hormone), environmental causes, diet and lifestyle choices, to find other ways to prevent the disease.
  • Identify new ways to help detect cancer early.
  • Develop the best ways to assess how well genes and proteins in each patient and in each breast cancer, in order to determine the best treatment options for each patient.
  • Determine what type of early stage cancer may or may not need chemotherapy.
  • Determine the most appropriate strategies to select the type and duration of adjuvant hormonal therapy.
  • Evaluate the best methods for surgery, including better control of the breast and axillary lymph nodes .
  • Try shorter radiotherapy programs and approaches to more targeted radiation therapy.
  • Try new drug therapies and combinations of therapies for early stage breast cancer.
  • Find better methods to reduce symptoms and side effects of anti-treatment breast cancer.
  • Learn more about the social and emotional factors that can affect treatments and the quality of life of patients.

For Dr. Eva Carrasco, scientific and general director of GEICAM, the future of breast cancer research “follows two main lines of work: in the majority of patients, who are diagnosed in the early stages, get more individualized treatments and reduce the relapse rate and, in the field of metastatic cancer, achieve longer survival rates also personalizing the treatments. ”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Spanish women and every year it causes more s of 6,500 deaths. In spite of the important advances, solutions are still missing!

At Woman'sBack® we want to join this research effort and during the month of October we will allocate 5 euros of each sale to the research in favor of breast cancer. We also offer Woman'sBack® solidarity backpacks, without adaptation, for all those people who want to join this effort. This initiative will be released tomorrow, October 1 and will be valid until October 31.

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