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Can mindfulness help us in breast cancer?

We've all heard do talk about the mind fulness to reduce stress, mental fatigue or anxiety. But what concrete benefits does it have for breast cancer patients?

The m indfulness is a practice from Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Your goal is to be aware of every physical and psychological sensation Forward our body to us. However, the purpose of m indfulness is not to eliminate pain or thoughts or emotions that create discomfort, but Let them pass through our minds without judging them and giving them the attention they need.

Some medical research has shown that the practice of mindfulness has reduced, in women diagnosed with breast cancer, the symptoms related in addition to stress or anxiety and have improved the immune response . The results would show that this regular practice would improve all indicators in these areas and that these good results ultados lengthen over time once it is no longer practiced.

Other studies de show that mindfulness It can also be useful to counteract the effects of chemotherapy by reducing fatigue and lack of appetite associated with this type of treatment.

It has also been studied the positive effect of mindfulness on the presence of NK cells, the so-called Natural-Killers that are responsible for eliminating the cancer cells. Thus, with meditation, they increase their activity.

So you know: choose which mindfulness technique It suits you better and starts practicing and . Only benefits are waiting for you!

More information here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6623989/