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Women travelers and solidarity with breast cancer

Do you like to travel? You are a woman? Do you want to share an unforgettable trip with seven other women? Do you want to do all this and also be supportive of Breast Cancer? If all your answers are positive you can not miss this post.

There are places in the world that must be seen at least once in a lifetime and Lake Como is one of them, an oasis of peace and one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Together with Carina Tur, promoter of the " Grant Wishes " project that organizes trips exclusively for women, we have prepared a "solidarity" trip for October 11-13 to Lake Como (Italy). Because Woman'sBack® are ideal for traveling! With our backpacks it is over to carry all the weight on the side not intervened with the risk of suffering contractures and other injuries. Thanks to the Woman'sBack® system, all the weight is distributed at waist height while protecting the operated side from any pressure or weight. In addition and as a surprise, backpacks without modification will also go on a trip, suitable for everyone.

So all women who travel will enjoy a Woman'sBack® backpack, the Martha model, 25 L valued at € 84.95 so they can carry their things and keep all the secrets of the trip shared with seven other women.

But we also wanted this to be a" solidarity "journey. So we will donate € 50 per trip to the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona that will be allocated to the study and research on Breast Cancer.

We hope that many women want to live with us this new Woman'sBack adventure . Do you sign up?

More information: https://www.concedetedeseos.com/viajes/especial-solidario-mes-del-cancer-de-mama-lago-di-como/