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The backpack for breast cancer - Woman'sBack®

We have to tell you a story: Woman'sBack® has just been born! The first backpack specially designed for women who have gone through breast cancer. Woman'sBack® is born with great enthusiasm, with the illusion of knowing that, once breast cancer has been overcome, all women can have an active and full life again. So Woman'sBack® comes into your life so you can enjoy it intensely and carry your things in a comfortable backpack adapted to you.

Following The recommendations of the most recent medical studies, the regular practice of physical exercise can prevent the onset of cancer and reduce breast cancer relapses by 40%. Thus Woman'sBack® offers all women who have been through this disease the excitement of feeling free, strong and independent again with a backpack that protects us from the appearance of lymphedema in the arm.
And why is it totally adapted to you? Because this backpack comes from my personal experience when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Having always done excursions and marches, after the disease and the removal of the axillary ganglia as a cause of breast cancer, I looked for a backpack that could protect me from developing lymphedema in the arm and what was my surprise when I didn't find any in the market. That's when I decided to design a self that would solve my problem and also, surely, that of many other women like me. This is how, in collaboration with ESPORTIVA AKSA, a family business in Barcelona with a long history in the manufacture of backpacks, we have designed and manufactured this backpack especially for you.
We hope you enjoy it!
Maria Prandi (co-founder of Woman'sBack)
Lali Costa (co-founder of Woman'sBack)
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