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Food and breast cancer - Recipe of the hand of @kitchenwithmum

Hello! More and more scientific studies confirm that the usual consumption of ultraprocessed foods (such as pastries, fast food or soft drinks) increases the risk of diseases such as cancer.

While they also say that the diet, by itself, is not able to prevent or cure cancer, there are a number of rules to better choose what we eat. They are very easy to remember!

  • Follow the general guidelines of the Mediterranean diet pattern.
  • If you are overweight, for example, following treatment-induced menopause hormonal, follow a weight control diet, preferably directed by a professional
  • Stay physically active: at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity.
  • Avoid the consumption of any type of alcoholic beverages.

I did not know that I should completely avoid alcohol consumption but according to GEICAM "regular alcohol consumption is one of the risk factors more important, especially for the breast cancer survivors : in them alcohol consumption should be totally avoided. "

But what is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is the color diet since it is based on the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables:

  • Abundant and varied fruits and vegetables (I would say better than proximity to the issue of climate change);
  • Daily consumption of different cereals, preferably whole grains (every morning I eat oatmeal and feel great); < strong>
  • Olive oil as the main source of fat (always good quality);
  • Daily consumption of some product dairy (I take them skimmed and sugar free);
  • Fish and prioritize white meat as the main source of animal proteins and fat ;
  • Avoid red meat and processed meat (hamburgers, sausages, etc.).
  • Avoid ultraprocessed foods high in refined sugars (the supermarket is full of them with its "pretty plastic wrap") !).

Source. Own elaboration from GEICAM

Today we propose a very healthy recipe from the hand of our dear @kitchenwithmum. Their delicious healthy recipes " instagramers " are a real pleasure for our palate. With great passion, he has proposed a dish that has two of the healthiest ingredients in our Mediterranean diet: a broccoli salmon burger. Easy and quick to make.

INGREDIENTS: Broccoli 🥦, Salmon 🐟, Pepper 🧂, Salt 🧂, Oil 🍶


  1. We boil broccoli, make it softer than usual and let it drain well.
  2. We crush the broccoli with a fork.
  3. We cut the very tiny salmon.
  4. Mix in a bowl the salmon with broccoli and add salt and pepper.
  5. We make individual hamburgers.
  6. Grilled back and back

Bon appetit!

Instagram: @kitchenwithmum 👩‍🍳 https://www.instagram.com/kitchenwithmum/

More information at: < a href = "https://www.geicam.org/cancer-de-mama/he-tenido-cancer-de-mama/tu-dia-a-dia/dieta"> https://www.geicam.org / breast-cancer / have-had-breast-cancer / your-day-to-day / diet

About ultraprocessed and cancer: https://www.elmundo.es/ciencia-y-salud/salud/2019/05/30/ 5ceee39cfc6c83d8708b467a.html