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Have you heard of breast areolas tattoos?

This week we had the great opportunity to interview Carmen Giraldez, an exceptional painter and tattoo artist, who offers us in her studio in Cerdanyola the free breast areola tattoo once the breast reconstruction is finished.

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I have many questions that I hope you answer me!

Carmen, how does the breast areola tattoo work? < / strong>

Once the doctor gives permission for it to be done, which is usually one year after the last intervention, what we do is try to reproduce the same shape, texture and colors based on The areola we have. In the case of a double mastectomy, we ask for photos of the breasts before the operation, or drawings, and so we can have an idea of ​​how they were and try to reproduce them as faithfully as possible.

And Is it realistic?

Yes, and we also try to correct the volumes that perhaps the surgery has unbalanced. When necessary we make the areola giving it a 3D perspective to give the feeling that there really is a volume in the nipple even if there really isn't. This way we get the woman, when looking in the mirror, not to see a vacuum but to see herself as she was before.

How long is the process?

< p> Well, since the woman arrives at the studio until she leaves, it can take between an hour and a half to two hours, but it will always depend on how many areolas we have to tattoo.

And, is it a painful process? ?

Well, the truth is that many times the area that we are going to tattoo has become quite insensitive as a result of operations and radiotherapy. Something that could be negative now becomes something in our favor, so we usually apply an anesthetic cream and that is enough. The pain is very bearable.

And the women are transformed ...

The women feel full again and understand that finally there is nothing left . There are very emotional scenes, some tears too. And I tell you: this summer to do top less! It is the end of a very hard process and they look good again. We reach the end of the entire treatment and put the icing on the cake. We have the best part!

If someone would like more information, how can they find you?

Well, very easy! We are in Cerdanyola and you can find us on the internet as La Rubia Tattoo (www.larubiatattoo.com/ ). We do all this because we like it but I really hope that one day my job disappears and that I no longer have to do this because it is no longer necessary. I hope that day comes soon!

Thank you Carmen for your work and dedication! 🙋‍♀️