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This summer, let your Woman'sBack take you to a sea of smells - Aromatherapy

Summer is the ideal time to leave behind routines and sedentary lifestyle. The mountains offer us an ideal climate for outdoor activities during the day and, at the same time, enjoy cool nights full of fragances. Today we would like to talk with you about fragances and how aromatherapy is an ancient technique.

Aromatherapy has existed since ancient times and was already common in Mesopotamia, Greece or Rome. Who has not discovered in some excursion, extraordinary and surprising fragances! Smells can awaken our memories by moving us to forgotten moments or improve our well-being and health through their effects on the limbic system.

The therapeutic use of aromatic plants is as old as civilization itself. It is the ancient Egyptians who are considered pioneers in the use of aromatic plants. One of his favorite perfumes was called "kyphi" and it had more uses than just a perfume since it could also be applied as an antiseptic, antidote, balm and, according to Plutarch, also as a tranquilizer that "took the person to sleep, calming anxieties and illuminate dreams. " The kyphi contained a mix of 23 different ingredients.

Hippocrates later taught about the "healing powers of nature." He is cited as the author of the phrase "The way to health is to perform an aromatic bath and a massage with essences daily". Another well-known Greek, a renowned physician named Marestheus, observed that certain aromatic plants possessed stimulating properties and that the aromas of rose, fruit, and spice were energizing for tired minds. However, studies also show that, for example, lavender is contraindicated in people with hormonal-type breast cancer due to its effects on the hormonal system.

At Woman'sBack we would like to encourage you to enjoy aromatherapy baths wherever you go but, as always, we recommend that you go to a recognized expert for advice if you want to use this technique in the long term.

Enjoy your summer and live with your Woman'sBack!