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Interview with Natalia from Cimas Por la Vida

Hello! How are you? Today we want to share with you a very personal and beautiful interview that we have done with a very special person, Natalia de Cimas for life. Natalia is passionate about the mountains and in love with nature. She likes to play sports and challenges. We discover her adventures with her Woman'sBack® in this post.

(WB) Introduce yourself a little so that the Woman’sBack® readers get to know you a little more.

Hi, I'm Natalia and in May 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My lymph nodes were affected and I had to have an axillary dissection. The doctors told me that I could no longer exert myself with the affected arm and I thought that I would never be able to play the sports that I love again.

(WB) Before having breast cancer, did you play sports and go to the mountains?

Yes, I have always liked doing sports and my passion is the mountains.

(WB) How did you feel knowing that it was difficult to carry a backpack again to go to the mountains or for your day to day after treatment?

Much frustration. I wanted to continue living my life to the fullest, but did not know how I could resume my mountain activities without damaging my arm.

(WB) What did it mean for you to know that there was a backpack specially designed for women who had suffered from breast cancer?

I discovered it in September 2019 for a mountain challenge of climbing Toubkal with 8 women who had gone through cancer. That experience was wonderful, I felt autonomous again and able to continue doing what I am most passionate about, which is the mountains.

(WB) Where have you taken your Woman'sBack®? New challenges ahead?

I have taken it everywhere, to Toubkal which is the highest mountain in North Africa at 4167m high. To all the 3 thousand that I have done in the Pyrenees (I have already been 12). Now I have started doing ravines. To my hiking trips with my children. I am very happy to have met you, because it has opened a world full of possibilities and adventures for me.

(WB) Why would you recommend the backpack?

Because in this way we can continue doing activities abroad without compromising our arm. The backpack is very ergonomic and comfortable. Whether you go hiking or any sports activity that you need a backpack is ideal for women who have this sequel of being able to develop lymphedema due to axillary emptying.

Thanks Natalia for sharing your story with us! A real pleasure! We hope you will climb many more peaks with your Woman'sBack®.