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Breast cancer in men

The words "breast cancer" usually relate to a uniquely female world. It is true that breast cancer is much more common in women, but men can also have it.

Today at Woman'sBack® we want to make this situation visible and also normalize it. We live in a society in which, everything that is not equal to everyone, is different, rare and little recognized as well. There are more and more men with breast cancer and it occurs more frequently among men aged 60 to 70 years.

According to data from the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer), breast cancer suffered by men could also be related to exposure to ionizing radiation and hyperstrogenism situations such as cirrhosis or Klinefelter syndrome ( Chromosomal alteration with an additional female chromosome “XXY.” In addition, many men often suffer from it, as an inherited cause.It has been recognized that between 15-20% of men with breast cancer suffer from having a family history.

The detection of breast cancer in men is the same process as in women. That is why we must make visible the Importance of the reviews in order to be aware of your status in any case.

For everyone, them and them, the most important thing is to find tools for both physical help and emotional help, which are very necessary after treatment. Woman'sBack ® allows you to do physical activity and your day to day, without worrying about the appearance of lymphedema in the arm.

You can find more information about breast cancer in Men on these websites: https: //www.aecc.es/es/todo-sobre-cancer/tipos-cancer/cancer-mama/mas-informacion/cancer-mama-