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Lymphedema World Day 💪

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We wanted to tell you that , on the occasion of the celebration last March 6 of World Lymphedema Day, GEICAM and the Spanish Lymphedema Association (AEL) , have elaborated an infographic < span> about prevention and treatment of lymphedema .

As you already know, lymphedema is a chronic disease that causes the abnormal accumulation of fluid and macromolecules in the soft tissues of the arm because the lymphatic system cannot work normally as a consequence of withdrawal , total or partial , of the armpit nodes. < / p>

Se then produces an increase in size of the arm due to fluid retention that occurs in the space between the skin and the layer that covers the muscles. This is called " aponeurosis " .

Not all women who have had breast cancer will have lymphedema of the arm, but the radiation therapy and obesity are risk factors.

It is estimated that lymphedema currently affects about 300,000 women in Spain, according to data from the AEL . E he time of appearance varies between weeks and years, but the most frequent is that 75% of the cases appear during the first year after surgery. The sentinel node identification strategy, much more conservative, reduces the risk of developing lymphedema.

The most important to treat lymphedema is prevention and early treatment. The AEL recommends that patients with n risk of lymphedema perform moderate and progressive physical exercise as soon as possible. They also insist that it s very important that this practice is always supervised by a physiotherapist euta so that the professional adapt the exercises to the type of surgery each patient has undergone.

You can check the infographic here: https : //www.geicam.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Infografie%CC%8Ca-Linfedema-2019-VF-1.pdf