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Breast cancer and Covid-19

In this blog, the first thing we want to do is thank all those people at the foot of the canyon, working day by day, so that the improve and be protected. ! Infinite thanks to all the health workers, the people who work in residences, cleaners, all the people who work in supermarkets and food surfaces, the truckers, and all the collectives that work to maintain the country and all those people who stay at home!

In these confinement times it is important to take care of. More than ever, we must dedicate every day one moment to our routines habitals to prevent or treat lymphedema, or to stay fit physically. Remember that the latest research on the fathe breast cancer recommend moderate to intense several times per week. In this specific article on physical activity and breast cancer published in GEISALUS you can find more information: https://www.geicam.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/revista-geisalus-25.pdf#page=18 . They explain what types of exercises are most recommended and with what intensity and duration. Don't miss it

Many you'll also be wondering if the fact that you had cancer and have followed the appropriate medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.) , o is tended to be considered as a risk group. AEEC has reported thed that, so far, there are no specific data on The behavior of Coronavirus in cancer patients. G.O.G., GEICAM, a reference center for breast cancer research, has published recommendations and information that you may be interested in at the following link: https://www.geicam.org/cancer-de-mama/te-interesa-saber/coronavirus.

From Woman'sBack o we want to encourage you to stay active and, above all, to take care of you so that as this period passes, we feel stronger again than ever. Our backpacks want to symbolize that nothing can stop us from our desire to nent active together we're going to make it!