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COVID-19 - Do we stay active? Exercises at home!

Hello! We track confined and not to miss the form, want to propose you a very easy exercise to make at almost any place: climb and lower scales!

The climb and lower scales always that it can is a rule of gold to maintain in shape at time of normality but now can be a nice solution to make a bit of cardio and not missing musculature. Besides, can combine with exercises to prevent the linfedema among each rise and slope with which thing will be achieving make a physical exercise balanced and beneficial for the cancer of mum.

To achieve make it every day a sufficient time, want to propose you make two batches of exercise, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Like this you will achieve to multiply for two the benefits of this activity without adonar-tea. It commences slowly, with a rate with which hear you comfortable and, especially, pose you a comfortable footwear to eschew falls. The seize of the rail can aid you at maintaining the balance more readily and if you listen your musician preferred, will view that without adonar-will have made you 10 at 15 minutes of an exercise considered of vigorous intensity. Anna Puig-Bank, coordinator of the Band of Enquiry at Sport and Physical Activity of the University of Vic affirms that this exercise is similar at the to make cycling of room and that serves to make it at short sessions every day since the effort goes accruing along the day. So already you know, climb and lower scales is a very nice way to improve your muscular force and your resistance cardiorespiratòria at time of confinement and, if you combine it with exercises for the linfedema, will be making a very complete exercise and adapted at the cancer of mum.