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Does eating red meat (in excess) increase the risk of cancer?

Everyone is worried about knowing if eating too much red meat can harm our health. Below we have found very important and relevant information on this type of food and breast cancer.

Eating too much red meat greatly increases the risk of cancer, as has been shown in numerous scientific research. But what about the rest of meats and, specifically, with breast cancer?

Jamie, Mark and Dale wanted to see if eating different types of meat affects the greater or lesser risk of developing breast cancer, and the conclusions have been clear: red meat increases the risk, but that of poultry reduces it.

The research included 42,012 women between 35 and 74 in the United States who they followed up for 7 and a half years and analyzed their eating habits, paying special attention to the type of meat they consumed.

They observed that the women who ate the most red meat had up to 23% more risk of breast cancer. On the contrary, those who consumed more poultry meat (chicken, turkey ...) had a 15% lower risk of developing the tumor.

Now they will study why this type of meat has this protective effect. We will keep you informed!

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