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How important is exercise before and after breast cancer?

At Woman'sBack® we are always attentive to any news that confirms how good it is the sport for breast cancer and this news has caught our attention: in the United Kingdom, physical exercise begins to be prescribed before even starting cancer treatment.

The British health system has concluded that this is positive for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and surgery treatments and m < span> improve survival, as published by the newspaper The Guardian . Also, e this new program is expected to generate better chances of survival for thousands of cancer patients.

People who have been diagnosed with the disease have the option of being part of a fitness program of three weekly training sessions, which include a combination of high-intensity cardio and strength-based training. The idea is that the / the patient "prepares" his own recovery even before the start of the chemotherapy treatment.

In addition to physical exercise, and patients can also receive nutritional counseling and psychological support if request , which can also contribute to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and hospitalization time . According to those responsible for this program, c there is more evidence that it is really worth trying to get the and the patients < / span> before chemotherapy or of major surgery.

From Woman'sBack® we can only encourage you to practice physical activity from intense to moderate < span> at least 2 times a week and walking is an excellent exercise that can be practiced both during treatment and at the end of it . Woman'sBack® backpacks can help you regain shape and feel stronger. Do you already have yours?