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Breast cancer and the effects of fatigue

Breast cancer is related to many causes and effects. One of them is "fatigue." During breast cancer recovery it is not all idyllic or pink and although it is thought that fatigue occurs only during treatment, the truth is that with recovery it also reappears very strongly. You want to know why? Read on.

Fatigue in people with cancer is usually related to treatment but, according to the National Institute of Cancer of the United States, this can be extended beyond this specific period for months and even years after its completion. It is not clear what it is due to and the studies point to a combination of several factors. What is certain is that this feeling, sometimes very pronounced, can make recovery difficult, and other important aspects such as our emotions and spirits to return to our normality as quickly as possible.

It is clear that each person and case are different and no two are the same. Fatigue affects your day to day, makes your level of activity does not match your mood or desire to do things and does not improve with rest. The causes of fatigue are usually pain, anxiety, insomnia and anemia among others. It is important that you consult your doctor in case you feel more tired than usual. Fatigue is a natural and very real side effect and saying that we feel tired should never be understood as a complaint but as a symptom that we must identify correctly to treat it in the best possible way. In addition, and according to this same institute, Tamoxifen, which many of us are taking, could also contribute to fatigue in the hormonal treatment phase. So ask for medical advice and don't let fatigue stop you from enjoying life as you have dreamed it! Summer is waiting for you ....

More information here: https://www.cancer.gov/espanol/cancer/trat/efectos-secundarios/fatiga/fatiga-pdq

Here we leave you with a guide on exercise and nutrition that may be useful: https://www.geicam.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/3251-MAIL-actualizacion-Guias-Nutricion-Ejercicio -Cancer-Mama.pdf