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WOMAN'SBACK® AND BENDHORA ALLIANCE‼ Buy a backpack and we will give you a Nordic walking initiation course

Woman'sBack® is celebrating!

We can finally announce that we have made an alliance with Bendhora.

At Woman'sBack® we have always wanted to encourage the importance of doing sports after breast cancer treatment, not only to prevent relapses and reduce the risk of developing lymphedema in the arm, but also emotionally. The sport itself helps us to have a relaxed mind and to disconnect from everything during practice. As we have already said on several occasions, one of the sports that doctors recommend the most to prevent the appearance of lymphedema in the arm is Nordic walking.

That is why we believed it necessary to be able to offer you, in addition to our personalized and hand-adapted backpacks, some element so that you can start in this sport with so many benefits. Thanks to Bendhora this will now be a reality.

Bendhora is a company specialized in Nordic walking and a facilitator of unique experiences in nature. From now on, for the purchase of a Woman'sBack® backpack, we are giving away an introductory course to Nordic walking valued at 30 euros and lasting 3 hours to learn how to correctly execute the technique independently.

If you are not from Barcelona or Catalonia, don't worry! Bendhora can offer you this service online.

How to redeem this offer? After purchasing a Woman'sBack®, you will receive a confirmation email with a number assigned to your order. You have to send your order code that begins with #WB and contains four digits and an order confirmation to Bendhora at this email address info@bendhora.com, and they will assist you.

Dare to jump into this sport and together with your Woman'sBack® backpack become a Nordic walking specialist.