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8 women who have overcome breast cancer meet the "Challenge 4167 reasons to live"

A few days ago, we explained to you through social networks that a group of women who have overcome breast cancer met a very special challenge. Together, they have climbed the highest mountain in North Africa, the Tubkal, under the name “4167 reasons to live.”

Each of the women who climbed has fought their battle with courage and energy. Each one of them has a history behind overcoming and empowerment. And what we like most is that many of them climbed the mountain with our Woman'sBack®.

We wanted to make them A few questions to know firsthand his experience:

The sport is highly recommended after breast cancer and the most recent studies are in this line but why do you decide to face the challenge of Toubkal? What does it mean for each of you?

For many of us, after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, we felt very limited to return to our lives before and be able to go to the mountain. You don't have the same desire or the same energy. But suddenly this opportunity comes that I can share with other 7 women who have been through the same, in the same conditions and think "if they can me too." The Toubkal challenge has been a great opportunity to show ourselves that we are coming back stronger than ever and that nothing stops us. A challenge to overcome.

4,167 meters of altitude are many meters ... How have you creased the preparation?

As each of us is from a part of Spain, months before the challenge we started training and sharing our training in our whatsapp and social networks group. It has been very motivating and we have been training more and more because we had a very clear objective that we had to achieve. I have lived months of great fellowship and words of encouragement between us each time we shared our milestones of the trainings we were doing .

Each of you will have lived this experience in a way particular What has brought you, individually and as a group, to meet this new challenge in your lives?

It has given us a lot of confidence in ourselves and in our recovery in health terms We have felt empowered. At the group level it has been a wonderful experience of fellowship. The challenge was to reach all of them, but we would not have reached it and it has been very satisfactory despite the difficulties, having managed to upload all of them.

The project also wants to raise funds for research and this initiative is also framed by what Marea Viva proposes. Why is it important to support research with initiatives like this and find new ways for sport to activate our most supportive part?

< em> I think that these challenges can help in the mood of people who are currently going through the disease, since they can see their future in us. Cancer is no longer synonymous with death. Despite this, it is very important to continue investigating to cure this disease more and more and I believe that with these contributions we contribute to the research while giving encouragement.

I guess this the beginning of a great adventure that will continue What is your next objective?

Apart from many mini-projects that we have in mind, our next great objective at a year seen , is to climb another mountain of style, perhaps Anapurna 🙂 . And take us new girls who have gone through this disease from our hand.

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