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Woman'sBack® goes on vacation!

Now that we have a few days in front of us to rest and change our routines, we suggest that you think about a different vacation. These vacations will undoubtedly be the most different in years for many people. It is important to keep in mind that, even if we are on vacation, we have to continue taking care of ourselves. Exercising with the Woman’sBack® during the summer is an ideal plan and if we do it with family and friends, even more.

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How to prevent lymphedema during the exercise

Como ya sabéis, después de la cirugía y/o radioterapia de la axila, el sistema linfático se ve alterado y no funciona con la misma eficacia que antes. Hoy te queremos explicar cómo cuidar tu brazo y prevenir el linfedema a la hora de hacer ejercicio.  

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